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Many Unnamed Previous Boyfriends Connor De Laurier (Boyfriend) K. Guthrie (Ex-Boyfriend)Sav Bhandari (Kissed; Former Attraction)Luke Baker (Kissed; Former Attraction) Andre (One Date) Dave Turner (One Date) Jenna Marie Middleton is a Class of 2014 graduate of Degrassi Community School. Clare goes on to inform Jenna that if she wanted K. On the second attempt after school at The Dot, Jenna tells K. The woman says that a baby would make all the tabloids, but carrying a baby around wouldn't be good for a Next Teen Star hopeful. the news, and he is enraged that she didn't get a pregnancy test when she first thought she might be pregnant, and yells at Jenna for being in denial about being pregnant. She yells "You're going to make me go through this alone?! They start talking about the baby, and he promises to support her Jenna decides to keep the baby and to continue competing on Next Teen Star. Later in the prenatal class, Sav asks questions like what happens to the couple after child birth, but the teacher takes it the wrong way, embarrassing both Sav and Jenna. insists Sav was 100% supportive to her, not knowing what Jenna's motives are. Later, Jenna walks into the Bhandari house to be ambushed by Alli's mother who claims that she and Alli found her new pregnancy test. Bhandari sets up new rules while Jenna doesn't really know what is going on. Bhandari thinks poorly of her, but she still decides to be there for Alli.