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Hear author Jeremy Greenberg explain your cat and her relationship choices to you. Light and Love: Poets for Dignity and Visibility Justice resounds in the poetry of Xochitl-Julisa Bernejo. Queer Latinx Night QLN brings the Latinx vibes to Re-bar, with sets from "The Wonder Twins," DJs Cristina Ortiz and Julie Herrera, who'll be breaking out the tropical beats, reggaeton, cumbia, and electronica sounds for an evening of excitement and dance in celebration of the QTPOC community. Rap Gho$t, Kixxie Siete, Artie Mc Craft Enjoy an early showcase of local hitters on the rap to hiphop to smooth soul-jazz spectrum, with Rap Gho$t, Kixxie Siete, and Artie Mc Craft. Resonata, Essex, Qreepz, Echavox, Bitwvlf, Black Visor In this perennially spooky Northwest region, witch house and ark wave will never die, especially thanks to electronica artists like Resonata, Essex, Qreepz, Echavox, Bitwvlf, and Black Visor. Ride in the Rain Happy Hour According to Peddler, "November is Ride in the Rain month! The Riffbrokers, Red Heart Alarm, Steeltoe Metronome Power-pop twang hounds the Riffbrokers strain Midwestern '80s rock through a filter of British Invasion influences.